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Q: I want to get my soon to be fiance a round diamond, at least a carat, she likes very sparkly and shiny, and most of all it needs to be eye clean. I was looking at this one but then the rep told me she “thought it was eye clean as long as it was 8-10 inches from the face. I want eye clean even if she is looking right at it close up. Would this one work- if not any suggestions, I am ready to finally buy. Read More…

Q: I found your article on diamond colour very interesting! Until I went out to actually look at some diamonds in some stores today I was shooting for a D-F range but when I saw a D colour next to an H in a white gold setting I honestly could not tell the difference, and neither could my girlfriend, which I suppose is most important! I was hoping you could help me find a diamond that fits my hopes!

Colour: Preferably nothing lower than H
Carat: 0.87 or higher
Cut: Round
Clarity: This is a bit of a stickler, I would definitely prefer a vs1 or vs2. When I looked at some si1 in the stores I could see the flaws in quite a few of them with no magnification. Call me crazy.

My preferred budget is 6500, but if one is found with absolutely amazing specifications and is a few hundred more then I’d happily get it. Nothing over 7000 though! Read More…

Q: I stumbled across your site tonight after extensive search for gia stone. What a fantastic service you offer!

I am looking for the best possible princess cut 1ct diamond in the $4500-$5000 range. I have viewed multiple stones online, but lack the expertise on making a decision. You can imagine my delight to find your service. Any help you can give would be appreciated. Read More…

Q: I am looking to purchase a diamond approx .9 to 1.0 carat, color G or H, clarity vs1 or vs2, ideal cut. What would be the approximate price I would expect to pay. I am looking locally and have been quoted from 4,000 to $14,000 – a very wide difference for essentially the same diamond. Read More…

Q: I have taken the time to read many items on your site and I am glad I stumbled across it. I am looking for a diamond for an engagement ring. Here are my particulars:

Budget: $18,000 Maximum
Shape: Round
Cut: Ideal or better (AGS or GIA cert only)
Carat: 1.60 or better
Color: G, H, or I (nothing lower though, unless you can work some magic with fluorescence)
Clarity: VS1 or better (I need something very, very eye clean)

I have been looking at both James Allen’s site and Brian Gavin’s. Here is what I found on JA:

My fiance is Persian and her family is extremely particular about jewelry – they keep loupes in the house. They know quality and I am concerned that they will look down on us even further (I am not Persian) if I do not buy a very high quality diamond. My budget is limited. I can’t spend more than $20K total, and I need to reserve about $2K for the platinum setting. Here is the setting she likes on Blue Nile:

My goal is to buy the largest and clearest brilliant diamond I can afford. I realize that I don’t really need anything above an H in color. I just want it to have an amazing sparkle. Should I sacrifice my desire for something at least 1.6 ct in order to get one of those cuts like Gavin’s H&A or JA’s True Hearts? Her family wants me to get something 2.00 ct or more, but I fear that will break my budget and get our marriage off to a bad start financially. I figure a minimum of 1.6 ct is something they can live with and not badger me about being unworthy of her.

Thanks for all the advice you give. Read More…