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Q: Thank you so much for you helpful website! I am in need of advice. I have a budget of $1,600 and I am looking online to buy an engagement ring. I am looking for the nicest option that I can get for that amount. She likes solitary and white gold (or platinum, I don’t know if it is wise to spend more money on the band than the diamond). I’ve looked at James Allen and liked their website but would love some expert advice from you guys. Thank you so much! Read More…

Q: You helped us a couple of years ago with an engagement diamond and we were very happy – thank you.

Now I’m looking at a diamond pendant and earring set to settle and insurance claim. I have about 4000-4500 for the three diamonds and I’m looking for something nice, but also good value. Other than brilliant cut, I’m open to your suggestion – what do you think? Read More…


Any thoughts of these? If you see something cheaper that is almost as good, please enlighten me. Thanks so much. Read More…

Q: Upon a co-worker’s Tiffany recommendation and doing research through Google, I came upon your site and could not be more thankful. Wanting to make that brilliant impact (like all guys) when I propose with that perfect diamond, but not having a ton of money, it seems that James Allen is probably the way to go. After seeing your insistence to help, I feel it would be foolish on my end to not ask for some recommendations. Luckily I know exactly what she wants, about a 3/4ct round white gold solitaire. Being 23 and a recent college grad with tons of debt, ideally I would like to stay under / around $2k but I have no problems paying extra for the quality if it’s worthwhile. Thank you so much in advance for the help and having such a great resource site! Read More…

Q: I stumbled across your website and am very impressed with what you are trying to do.

I have been looking for a while for a specific Engagement Ring. I wanted a non-biased second opinion. I have read a lot of conflicting things on forums, things from friends, jewlry store salespersons and online vendors. My budget for the diamond is $3-$4K I am looking for:

1. a Round Brilliant diamond
2. excellent/ideal cut (not sure where polish/symmetry fit in)
3. 0.6 to 0.8 carat
4. eye-clean (normal 20:20 vision)
5. best value in terms of colorless diamond

I am planning to buy online, as I’ve been unsatisfied with the prices at local jewlry stores. It’s between Bluenile and James Allen. I like Bluenile because their prices are slightly cheaper for the same specs, but James Allen has close-ups of all their diamonds.

For clarity I am discerning between a VS2 and SI1 and for color it’s between G and H (a note: my girlfriend doesn’t seem to care much about the details except carat weight and how it looks to the naked eye). If I were to buy from Bluenile, I would probably go with VS2 to be safe, but from James Allen I would venture down to SI1. For color, some have told me G and H are virtually the same, but others say H has some warmth.

That being said, I’ve looked at quite a few James Allen rings and saw this one, what do you think? (btw will the faint fluoresence actually be in my favor under normal lighting?)

There’s also this one…. which confuses me because the tiny spec is so off to the side that it took me a long time to find it (should this be almost VS2?).

Also, not sure if you have any experience with settings, but I am also looking at getting a Tiffany setting imitation… James Allen has a pretty close one:

Or Bluenile has a hybrid between these two:
(main setting):
(the 6 prongs):

Thanks! Read More…