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Q: I am looking to purchase a diamond approx .9 to 1.0 carat, color G or H, clarity vs1 or vs2, ideal cut. What would be the approximate price I would expect to pay. I am looking locally and have been quoted from 4,000 to $14,000 – a very wide difference for essentially the same diamond. Read More…

Q: I have taken the time to read many items on your site and I am glad I stumbled across it. I am looking for a diamond for an engagement ring. Here are my particulars:

Budget: $18,000 Maximum
Shape: Round
Cut: Ideal or better (AGS or GIA cert only)
Carat: 1.60 or better
Color: G, H, or I (nothing lower though, unless you can work some magic with fluorescence)
Clarity: VS1 or better (I need something very, very eye clean)

I have been looking at both James Allen’s site and Brian Gavin’s. Here is what I found on JA:

My fiance is Persian and her family is extremely particular about jewelry – they keep loupes in the house. They know quality and I am concerned that they will look down on us even further (I am not Persian) if I do not buy a very high quality diamond. My budget is limited. I can’t spend more than $20K total, and I need to reserve about $2K for the platinum setting. Here is the setting she likes on Blue Nile:

My goal is to buy the largest and clearest brilliant diamond I can afford. I realize that I don’t really need anything above an H in color. I just want it to have an amazing sparkle. Should I sacrifice my desire for something at least 1.6 ct in order to get one of those cuts like Gavin’s H&A or JA’s True Hearts? Her family wants me to get something 2.00 ct or more, but I fear that will break my budget and get our marriage off to a bad start financially. I figure a minimum of 1.6 ct is something they can live with and not badger me about being unworthy of her.

Thanks for all the advice you give. Read More…

Q: I understand you highly recommend James Allen, and I’ve been looking on there website. I have found this diamond, and it appears to be right in my wheelhouse. It is an asscher cut H color vs2 clarity and looks very good in the picture. And the GIA certification for the girdle is slightly thick-thick not extreme like in the description. I have also called to verify that as well. I think this ring looks amazing in the picture and the H VS2 1 carat would be right where I am looking for and the price seems amazing (I’d like to keep the cost of the stone and setting under 6k). I am interested in your opinion and look forward to hearing from you! Read More…

Q: I’m looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend of 5 years. I won’t be able to spend more than two thousand on the whole package, and the white gold rings I’m finding are running around 900. I’d love your help finding an affordable stone between 0.4 and 0.5 carats. Thanks! Read More…

Q: I’m looking at purchasing a Yellow gold, channel set engagement ring from James Allen. It has 0.50c of princess cut diamonds running along the sides of the single claw setting which is in platinum. I’m thinking anywhere in the vicinity 0.55-0.70c princess cut diamond for the center setting. I have a budget of 1800-2000. I just want it to look good to the eye and have a fantastic sparkle. Are you please able to suggest a diamond from James Allen’s inventory. Or any further pointers would also be great. Read More…