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Q: I am looking for an ideal/excellent princess cut diamond. My budget is between $10-12K. The bigger the better, but want to balance the size with quality. After doing research and reading your wonderful site, it appears I’m in the market for a 1.5carat, g/h color, vs1/vs2 diamond. Here is a couple I have found on JamesAllen and was hoping for you opinion or thoughts.

I would like the biggest diamond for that price range keeping in mind how important having an “eye” clean diamond is. The setting for the ring will be in platinum.

Thanks again for any help you can provide. Best informative site I have found on the internet. Read More…

Q:¬†Please help me find a one carat princess cut diamond. I have looked on James Allen’s website and come across the following two stones and .

I want the best value for a Princess cut of at least one carat in size for less than $5k. Preferably in the range of $4500 – $4750. I am planning on setting it in a white gold halo and shoulders setting and I plan on proposing next month on February sixth. If you are able to find a better value than the two stones then I would greatly appreciate it. Please help. Read More…

Q: Hello! Your site has been extremely helpful in my search for an engagement ring. Using your advice, I chose the following two diamonds. Is the price jump from #1 to #2 worth the increase in size and clarity while sacrificing color? Value is important. Thanks so much!


2) Read More…

Q: First, I would like to say thanks for the very informative site that you put together. It has truly been my one go-to resource.

This loose diamond is listed at $8,972. Is this a good price for the quality? I am pretty much looking to see if the price is reasonable for what it’s graded. I am looking to set this in a plain 2mm platinum setting. The Diamond is GIA certified (2136191026).

Thanks again for your help and I look forward to your advice. Read More…

Q: I’m looking at this J color that seems nice,

But I’m worried the color will be apparent on a white gold solitaire setting, though you said it’s hard to tell between a G and H, but J is 2 colors over. I’m looking for something in the 4-5k range.

Also I’m currently working in San Francisco while my gf is in Canada, I just moved here a few months ago. So it’s hard to get a ring size, best I can do is guess! What is the cost approx if I had to get the ring resized? Read More…