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BrianGavinBrian Gavin is the legendary man behind the company bearing his name. More than any other diamond e-retailer, BGD exists as a direct result of its founder’s world-renowned expertise and extremely high standards. Known as “Brian the Cutter” in the industry, Brian Gavin grew up in one of the world’s biggest diamond centers, South Africa, and it was there that he learned the family business of diamond cutting. As a fifth generation diamond cutter, Brian was ideally suited for perfecting a superior diamond cut that maximizes brilliance and light return.

Working from his home base in Houston, in 1998 BG pioneered his own method of cutting round diamonds, which spawned in a new a line of super ideal-cut sparkly diamonds called “A Cut Above.” This line of diamonds is known as “Hearts & Arrows” because when a diamond is cut with enough precision, one is able to see eight hearts and eight arrows in the facets. Three years later, he co-founded, where he sold his “A Cut Above” line, which no doubt helped build the website’s unparalleled reputation of selling the best cut diamonds on the web.

In 2004, he presented his paper entitled “Hearts and Arrows — How They are Formed and How They are Graded,” at the first International Diamond Cut Conference in Moscow. This further established BG’s expertise and genius in the diamond industry.

Then in 2009 BG launched a new line called “Signature Hearts & Arrows,” a refinement of the already-superior “A Cut Above” line. And at the same time, he founded Brian Gavin Diamonds ( as the exclusive vendor of his new and improved “Signature” line. BGD is not known for its overwhelming selection or virtual inventory; rather, what is so special about them is that Brian Gavin hand-selects all of the diamonds himself after putting them through an extremely rigorous grading process.

BGD specializes first and foremost in the super-ideal cut round brilliant “Signature” line. The site also sells super-ideal Princess cut diamonds, as well as their own unique cut called the “Quadex,” which is a square cut diamond with beveled edges and the brilliance of a round cut stone.

But what is even more distinctive than the Quadex is the new line called “Brian Gavin Blue,” which is a selection of diamonds with blue fluorescence that positively affects the color of the diamond. In case you don’t know about fluorescence, here’s a little introduction. Diamonds can have medium or strong blue fluorescence, which means that they have a blue glow when placed under a UV light, like the black light in a dance club. Sometimes fluorescence can have a positive effect on the diamond’s color, making the stone appear whiter than it really is, but sometimes the effect can be negative and make the diamond appear milky or dull.

The diamond industry downgrades a diamond for having medium or strong blue fluorescence and thus downgrades the price as well. BG decided to personally test diamonds in this category to see if the fluorescence positively or negatively affected the color of the diamond both in indoor and outdoor lighting environments. He includes in this “Brian Gavin Blue” line only those diamonds that meet his incredibly high standards, and because these diamonds are priced lower than other non-fluorescent diamonds, he is able to pass the savings onto the consumer. Not only do you get a cheaper diamond, but you get one that looks even whiter than its color grade!

In addition to having “the Man, the Myth, and the Legend” inspect your diamonds, you also have the option of viewing the diamond through the virtual magnifying glass on the website. This allows you to inspect both the cut quality and the clarity before purchasing.

If you’d like to see an actual product review of BGD, check out Michael Fried’s review here at The Diamond Pro.

He raises an interesting point about whether or not it’s worth it to buy a super ideal cut diamond at BGD or a regular ideal cut from a different online vendor. I agree with his conclusion, which is that it depends on how discerning your eye is. If you would be happy with a beautifully performing, standard, ideal cut diamond, then maybe it’s best to go the more standard route, like James Allen. But if you want the most super sparkly, scintillating diamond out there, then BGD is the way to go. The best way to maximize the brilliance of your white ice is to buy the best cut quality you possibly can, and there’s no better place to do that than BGD.

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